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locast org activate

A public service to the people of America, Locast provides the local broadcast signals of select markets over the Internet. To stream a broadcaster’s signal online for free or to enjoy several broadcast TV stations, you will need to sign up with Locast, use the login credentials, or enter a unique activate code on the activation page to complete the process.

What Is Locast?

America’s only free, nonprofit local broadcast TV digital translator streaming service – as stated on its website – Locast promises to bring local TV channels via Internet-connected devices, phones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers for FREE.

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Is Locast FREE?

Yes, you can use the Locast service for free. The official Locast website maintains, “Locast is a not-for-profit service offering users access to broadcast television stations over the Internet.”

David Goodfriend founded Locast under the banner of the Sports Fans Coalition to help people who could not afford pay-TV due to the rising rates charged by cable and satellite TV providers or unable to watch their free local TV channels over-the-air due to distance from the transmitter.

While Locast tries its best to make it free of charge for you, it also urges people to contribute some amount as per their capabilities. It encourages people to donate as low as $5 per month, $10 pm, and $25 p/m. One can also contribute $60/ year and $100/ year. Moreover, it has a “Locast Cares” program for people who cannot contribute $5 per month.

Locast Donate
Locast Donate

Since Locast is getting all the supports from its loyal customers, it helps them free your TV.

Prerequisites for activate

If you use a stable, high-speed Internet connection, you will still be able to enjoy local broadcasts from the best comforts of your home. Only make sure you are not outside of the U.S. to watch your favorite local broadcast station.

To use Locast, you should be physically in one of these cities

  • West Palm Beach, FL
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • Detroit, MI
  • Houston, TX
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Denver, CO
  • Sioux City, IA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MI
  • New York, NY
  • Miami, FL
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Puerto Rico
  • Washington, DC
  • Rapid City, SD
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Tampa Bay, FL

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Supported Devices for Locast App

Leading streaming devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku support the Locast app. Moreover, you can watch your favorite local channels on your iOS and Android devices.

What is activation code?

When you add the Locast app on your streaming device, the system would encourage you to note down a activation code. You can use this Locast code at or log into your Locast account using the email address and password.

locast org activate code

Upon successful login, your TV will refresh to cast the local TV stations.

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How to Activate Locast on Any Device via

The best way to get the local channels (FOX, ABC, PBS, CBS, and NBC) without a monthly bill is to activate the Locast app on your streaming device, computer, smartphone, or laptop.

Let’s unearth the steps to activate the app on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV via

locast org activate Roku

Activating Locast on Roku is another way of signing in.

  • Access the Roku Channel Store and type “Locast”.
  • Click the “Add channel” button to add the app to your Roku device.
  • Launch the downloaded app to generate a unique activation code. (If you are prompted to use credentials to sign in, please do that.)
  • You will next need to access the page on your smartphone or computer. (One can scan the QR code, too.)
  • Enter your email address and password to “Login”.
  • Enter the activation code displayed on the TV screen.
  • It will verify the code. Upon successful verification, you will see a success message on the screen.
  • Your TV will automatically refresh to start showing your favorite channels.

That’s how you access the Live TV Guide on your TV-connected device.

How to activate Locast on Roku?

Access the Roku Channel Store and search for the Locast app. Install the app and launch it to get a code. Save the code and go to the activation page. You need to complete the activate login procedure to activate Locast on Roku.

Make sure your Roku device is updated to the latest version.

Is Locast free on Roku?

Installing the Locast app on Roku is free. You can also enjoy the channels at no extra cost.

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Watch Locast on Apple TV

locast org activate Apple TV
locast org activate Apple TV

The Locast app works great with your Apple TV. If you don’t know how to pair it, check the steps below.

  • Turn on your Apple TV and go to the “App Store”.
  • You will need to “Get” the Locast app using the virtual keyboard.
  • Open the app and use login credentials to generate a unique activate code for TV.
  • Save the code while using another device to access the authorized link.
  • Enter the credentials – email address and password.
  • Click the “Login” button.
  • On the next screen, enter the code to confirm activation.

Your Apple TV will now be ready to cast Locast content.

How do I activate Locast on my Apple TV?

After installing the Locast app from the App Store, you need to launch it to receive a activation code. Jot down the code before accessing on another device. Enter the log-in credentials and click the Login button. Follow the on-screen prompts to provide the activation code in the correct field. You will see a confirmation message on the screen. You are ready to watch Locast content on Apple TV.

How do I download Locast on Apple TV?

  • Turn on your Apple TV device and navigate to the App Store from the home screen using the remote.
  • Search for
  • Click the Get button to download the app.

How do I add Locast to Apple TV?

  • Go to the “App Store” from the home screen.
  • Install the app by clicking the “Get” button.
  • Launch the app to receive a code and activation link.
  • Head over to the link and enter the email address and password.
  • Login and enter the code.
  • That’s it!

How do I activate codes on Locast?

Once you receive the activation code, go to on your mobile or computer and provide the log-in details. Enter the code on the following screen to complete the activation process.

Why do I have to keep activating Locast?

If you encounter an activation error, you can’t watch Locast on your Apple TV. For that you must activate the app by following the correct steps mentioned above.

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Activate Locast on Amazon Fire TV/ Fire TV Stick via

locast org activate Fire TV
locast org activate Fire TV

To enjoy local channels on your Fire TV, you must activate Locast using the activate code for TV.

  • From the home screen, navigate to the “Amazon AppStore”.
  • Search for the desired app and click the “Get” button.
  • Once the app is installed, launch it.
  • Locast Activation Code should appear on the screen.
  • Leave the screen visible throughout the activation process and access the locast org activate page on a separate device (using the same Wi-Fi network as your Fire TV).
  • Use Locast credentials to “Login”.
  • Enter the code and click “Activate”.

You are all set to watch your local channels for FREE.

How do I activate Locast on Fire TV?

To activate Locast on Fire TV, you must install the app from Amazon App Store. Launch the app to receive an activation code, which needs to be used at Log into your Locast account and enter the code to complete the activation process.

Where do I enter the Locast code?

Access the page to enter the Locast code.

Locast on Android TV

Stream locast content on Android TV
Stream Locast Content on Android TV

The following step-by-step guide will help you get Locast on Android TV.

  • Navigate to the Android TV home screen.
  • Use the remote to navigate to the “Play Store”.
  • Type “Locast” and click the “Install” button.
  • Open the app and enter the sign-in details to receive a code.
  • Save the code and go to on a separate device.
  • Here, enter the email address and password. Click “Login”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to enter the code.

Once verified, your Android TV will be ready to cast Locast content.

How do I get Locast on my Android TV?

Ensure your Android TV is connected to a stable Internet connection before you navigate to the Play Store using the remote. Type Locast and click the Install button to download the Locast app. activate on smart tv

Almost all Smart TVs support Locast. Although the latest smart TVs come equipped with the Locast app, some TVs may not carry the app. This doesn’t mean you can access the Locast content. Here’s how to add and activate the Locast app on your TV.

  • Search for Locast in the application store.
  • Install the app and launch it to get a activate code for TV.
  • On your computer, mobile, or tablet, go to activate.
  • Enter the Email and Click the Log In button.
  • Now, you need to enter the code to start watching Locast on your TV.

That’s how you access Locast content your smart TV.

How do I get Locast on my Smart TV?

If your Smart TV doesn’t have the Locast app, you can install it from the application store.

How to Register for Locast Account?

Creating an account with Locast is important if you wish to stream local channels for free.

  • Go to the Locast website.
  • Click “Register” (on the top menu bar).
Locast Register
Locast Register
  • A popup screen will appear, prompting you to enter details – Email Address, Password, and Confirm Password.
  • Click the “Register” button.

Locast Register Details code not working; Troubleshooting Tips

  • The locast org activate code will not work if you are trying to access Locast from a different location (check above to see the cities that Locast is accessible).
  • Delete the app and reinstall to start the process again.
  • Generate the code and use it immediately.
  • Check your Internet connection.
  • Delete cookies and cache files.
  • Upgrade your device to the latest version.


How do I activate Locast?

The simplest method to activate Locast is to create an account and install the app to generate the activation code. You will then have to access the authorized activation page, i.e. Enter the login details and “Login”. On the screen, you will be prompted to enter the code. Now, click “Activate” to start watching Locast content.

Is Locast still available?

Unfortunately, NO! The streaming operation has been discontinued since September 2021.

What Happened to Locast?

Locast is no more available to install and watch on your TV. It has been discontinued since 2nd September 2021.


Locast service is no longer available. If you don’t find the app on the application store of your device, there’s nothing to be surprised.

Note: The not-for-profit service has been discontinued since 2nd September 2021. Anyone trying to stream Locast will not be able to do that.

locast org activate operation suspended
locast org activate operation suspended

If you want to stream local channels, read to know how to activate LocalBTV.

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