Activate Curiosity Stream via curiositystream com activate or curiosity tv activate

Activate Curiosity Stream

Whether you are curious about traveling back to ancient civilizations or wish to explore Mars, activate Curiosity Stream at or to watch award-winning original series and documentaries that will surely take you back in time or will give you deep insights into the secret life of pets, space exploration, and adventure. Curiosity Stream programs are highly engaging and enthralling.

What Is Curiosity Stream?

An American media company and subscription video streaming service, Curiosity Stream, a service from the founder of Discovery channel, is recognized for what it offers.

If you have genuine love for ancient civilizations or space exploration, Curiosity Stream will leave no stone unturned to keep you entertained and educated through its thousands of documentaries.

So, what are you curious about? 

curiosity tv activate Overview

About Curiosity Stream Stand-Alone OTT Media Service
Owned By John Hendricks (Founder and Chairman)
Founded March 18, 2015
Official Website
Official App CuriosityStream
Activation Page

Curiosity Stream Supported Devices Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox, PS4, Vizio, Tivo, LG Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Chromecast

Android Smartphones and Tablets

iOS Devices (iPhones & iPads)

Internet Service Providers Optimum




REV (you & us together)

Add-on service providers Amazon Prime

Sling TV

Comcast/ Xfinity


Popular Shows Planet of Treasures

Engineering the Future

The History of Home

Secrets of the Solar System

Man’s First Friend

Out of the Cradle


The Kingdom – How Fungi Made Our World

Deep Time History

Into the Jungle

Broadcast Area Worldwide

Is CuriosityStream Free?

Curiosity Stream is a subscription-based streaming service. It will let you watch its incredible science and tech programs if you have a valid subscription plan.

Curiosity TV Activate Prerequisites

Here are the mandatory requirements to get CuriosityStream on your TV.

  • A good Internet connection.
  • An updated streaming device.
  • A Curiosity Stream profile.
  • An active subscription.
  • A smart device to access curiositystream activate.

curiosity stream tv activate Supported Devices (Where to Watch)

You must have one of the following supported devices to enjoy Curiosity Stream content.

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • FireTVStick
  • Xbox
  • PS44
  • Vizio
  • Tivo
  • LG Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Chromecast
  • TATA Sky
  • fuboTV
  • Tele2

The CuriosityStream app is also available iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

What You Need to Know about Curiosity Stream App (Sign Up, Price, & Features)

Curiosity Stream has all the ingredients to be your go-to destination for leading non-fiction and documentary films covering history, science, nature, and biographies of many amazing real characters.

The binge-worthy series and movies are available on almost all digital media players, smart TVs, Chromecast, gaming consoles, and smartphones. The amazing programs are designed not only to entertain but also to enlighten and inspire you.

If you wish to enjoy ad-free content and watch thousands of brain-boosting, become a Curiosity Stream member to know what 20 million subscribers are already enjoying. It is an easy, three-step process to choose your plan and sign up with CuriosityStream.

Easy Steps to Choose CuriosityStream Plan and Sign up

Watch documentaries and series crafted by some of the world’s leading filmmakers. Just sign up at and enjoy the spellbinding series.

Here’s how you can get hold of the right plan and subsequently, create your account.

  1. Confirm the Plan:

First, you need to click the “Sign Up Now” button and confirm your plan. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Visit the Curiosity Stream web portal (check the overview section for the official website).
  • Click the “Sign Up Now” button in the center. (Or, you can also click the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner).
  • It will take you to the screen that will prompt you to choose your plan.
  • HD Annual (Most Popular & Best Value): $19.99 per year.
  • 4K Annual (Best Priced for Best Picture Quality): $69.99 per year.
  • HD Monthly (Most Flexible): $2.99 per month.
  • 4K Monthly (Highly Flexible for Best Picture Quality): $69.99/ monthly.

curiosity tv activate plans

  1. Create Your Account:

Now that you have selected your Curiosity Stream plan, you are good to go with the remaining steps to create an account.

  • Enter your “Email” and “Password” (at least 6 characters).
  • Click “Continue to Last Step”.
  1. Sign Up Now:

This is the third step. You will need to enter the payment details before you could gain access to the Curiosity Stream library.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to give in your payment details –
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • Credit Card Information
  • Click the “Sign Up Now” button to complete the process.

That’s how you choose and sign up with Curiosity Stream.

Curiosity Stream Membership Features (Benefits) –

Some of the greatest features of the Curiosity Stream include –

  • Download shows to watch offline
  • Unlimited streaming (your favorite documentaries)
  • Bookmark shows to resume watching later (also, watch on different devices)
  • Browse titles with various search tools
  • Watch HD videos and 4k content
  • Watch new content weekly (added)

Note: Keep in mind that the membership starts at just $2.99 per month. You might have to pay additional tax. The good thing is that you can cancel your membership plan anytime by logging into your Curiosity Stream account.

Activate Curiosity Stream at

The activation procedure is easy to follow. You will have to fetch a Curiosity Stream activation code and use it on the activation page. Follow the on-screen guidelines precisely to begin watching your favorite programs on the bigger screen.

curiosity tv activate on Roku

These Roku devices –Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku 2, Roku Premiere, and all Roku TVs – support the CuriosityStream app.

If you own one of these Roku devices, here’s how to locate the desired app and complete the activation process.

  • From the home screen, navigate to “Streaming Channels” > “Search Channels”.
  • Search for “CuriosityStream”.
  • Click the “Add Channel” button.
  • Now, launch the app and enter the log-in details.
  • On the screen, you will see a unique Activation Code and the activation page.
  • Leave the screen visible and head over to on a separate device – a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Enter the code and click “Continue”.
  • A couple of steps more and your Roku device will be ready to stream.

You can now watch Curiosity Stream programs anywhere, anytime.

curiosity stream tv activate on Apple TV

If you are looking for the quickest way to add and activate the CuriosityStream app on your Apple TV device, let me guide you through it.

Note: Make sure you use a 3rd-gen and earlier via AirPlay. 4th-gen HD and 4K Apple TV

  • Boot your Apple TV.
  • Go to “App Store”.
  • Look for the “CuriosityStream” app.
  • Click the “Get” button.
  • Launch the app and enter details if prompted.
  • Receive the activation code along with the authorized activation web portal.
  • On another device, visit curiosity stream tv activate.
  • Enter code and click the “Continue” button.

Stick to the prompts to complete the process.

curiositystream/activate on Android TV

To activate Curiosity Stream on Android TV (version 5.0 and up):

  • Go to “Play Store” on your Android TV.
  • Type the name of the app using the on-screen keyboard and click “Install”.
  • Now, “Open” the app and enter credentials to get an Activation Code.
  • Go to and enter the curiosity stream activation code.
  • Click the “Continue” button to finish.

Enjoy amazing programs with near and dear ones.

Activate Curiosity Stream on Amazon Fire TV (version 5.0 and up. 2014 or later)

Follow the steps below and make no mistakes.

  • Switch on your Amazon Fire TV and navigate to “Amazon AppStore”.
  • Type “CuriosityStream” in the magnifying glass icon.
  • Click the “Get” option to install the app.
  • A unique Activation Code should appear on the screen. Note it down.
  • On another smart device, you will need to visit
  • Provide the code and click “Continue”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

That’s how you activate the app on Fire TV.

Curiosity Stream on Amazon Fire TV Stick (version 5.0 and up. 2014 or later)

Just like Fire TV, you can get the Curiosity Stream app on your Fire TV Stick.

  • From the home screen of your Fire TV Stick, go to “Amazon AppStore”.
  • Get” the “CuriosityStream” app and then, launch it.
  • As soon as you are prompted with an Activation Code, note it down.
  • Open your computer or mobile phone and access
  • Enter the code in the given field and click the “Continue” button.

That’s easy!

Activate Curiosity Stream on Xbox One at

Gaming consoles like Xbox allow you to watch your favorite programs. Here’s how you can get Curiosity Stream on Xbox One.

  • Turn on the gaming console and go to the Application Store.
  • Search for the app and click the “Get” button once Curiosity Stream appears on the screen.
  • You need to open the app to get a code.
  • Now, visit the Curiosity Stream activation page and enter the Curiosity Stream activation code.
  • Click the button that says “Continue”. on PS4

Yes, gamers can get immediate access to CuriosityStream’s more than 3,000 titles.

Devin Emery, CuriosityStream’s Chief Product Officer and EVP of Content Strategy said, “PlayStation 4 has been our most requested platform from customers. The PlayStation community is such a highly engaged audience and we are thrilled to bring seamless integration of great curated content from CuriosityStream to PlayStation gamers.”

If you are excited about watching ground-breaking eco-engineering series and many more binge-worthy shows, learn how to install and activate the app on PlayStation 4.

  • Boot your PS4 device and go to the PlayStation Store.
  • Install the app from the “Video Apps” section.
  • Launch the Curiosity Stream app to generate a unique Curiosity Stream Activation Code.
  • Access the authorized activation process and complete the process by entering the code.
  • Click “Continue”.

People across Asia and Europe will be able to access CuriosityStream on their PS4 consoles in the coming weeks.

curiositystream activate on Vizio Smart TV

To add & activate Curiosity Stream on Vizio, here’s what you must follow.

  • Access the Vizio home screen and go to Vizio App Store.
  • Type CuriosityStream in the search bar.
  • You need to install the app on your smart TV.
  • Open the app to receive a unique curiosity stream activation code.
  • Grab your phone or tablet to access curiosity tv activate.
  • Type the code correctly and click the Continue button.

It will take moments for the system to verify the details.

curiositystream activate on Tivo

Another compatible device that lets you watch over 2,000 science, tech, history, and nature documentaries without commercial interruptions is Tivo.

Get the Curiosity Stream app on Tivo and stream outstanding science and history programs from the world’s leading filmmakers anytime, anywhere.

Before you jump on to the activation steps, ensure you have the following TiVo devices.

  • TiVo EDGE Series
  • BOLT Series
  • Mini LUX and TiVo Mini VOX

The CuriosityStream app supports the latest versions of TiVo Experience 3 and 4.

  • Begin the activation process by turning your TiVo device.
  • Install the Curiosity Stream app.
  • After installing the app, you need to access the activation code.
  • Go to and enter the code.
  • Click the Continue button to complete the process.

You are ready to stream.

Quick Guide to Activate Curiosity Stream on LG Smart TV

Curiosity Stream was released on LG Smart TV Content Store on 26th May 2017. You can go to the Entertainment category to install the app.

  • Access Content Store on your LG Smart TV.
  • Search for CuriosityStream in the Entertainment category.
  • Install the app and launch it.
  • You will see a unique activation code.
  • Leave the screen visible while you access the curiosity tv activate page.
  • Provide the code and click the Continue button.

Follow the on-screen instructions to start watching award-winning documentaries.

What’s more?

You may also like to stream Curiosity Stream as an add-on option through providers like – Sling TV, Comcast/ Xfinity, Amazon Prime, and layer3tv..

Curiositystream com Activation Failed – Troubleshooting Tips

Did you stumble upon some technical errors?

Are you facing the activation code failed issues?

Some of the quick fixes that you may like to try your hands at are – use a compatible device, always choose the updated app to install, both your computer and device must use the same Wi-Fi network, use an updated browser, clear cache files, and repeat the activation process by deleting and reinstalling the app. FAQs

How do you activate Curiosity Stream?

After installing the CuriosityStream app, launch the app to receive a Curiosity Stream activation code. Next, head over to on your mobile phone or tablet, enter the activation code, and click “Continue”.

How can I get Curiosity Stream for free?

You can only get Curiosity Stream free for only one week. This is a one-week FREE trial. You will, however, need to subscribe to the Curiosity Stream package or sign in with a TV provider to watch Curiosity Stream for free.

How do I sign in with a TV or Internet Provider to watch Curiosity Stream for FREE?

Go to the log-in page and click “Sign In with Your Provider”. Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process.

How do I watch CuriosityStream on Vizio Smart TV?

Turn on the device. Launch the app store. Install the CuriosityStream app on your Vizio Smart TV by selecting “Add to Home”. Provide CuriosityStream log-in details and start watching.

How do I cancel my Curiosity Stream subscription?

Visit your account page, go to the bottom, and select “Plan and Payment”. Click “Manage Plan” > “Cancel Plan”. Stick to the on-screen instructions to cancel your Curiosity Stream plan.

How can I watch CuriosityStream for free?

If your TV or Internet provider already offers Curiosity Stream, you can watch it for free. Make sure you sign in with Optimum, SuddenLink by Altice, Flow, BTC, and REV.

What’s available on curiositystream?

You will watch David Attenborough’s Light on Earth, The History of Home, Miniverse, Keeping the Crown, Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, and Deep Time History on Curiosity Stream.

Bottom Line

Curiosity Stream is for everyone – yes, for everyone!

While you immerse yourself in the natural world alongside luminaries like Sir David Attenborough, your kids may find a safe and curious haven in a great collection of “safe, entertaining, and inspiring programs.”

Whether your little ones are budding historians, astronomers, or paleontologists, Curiosity Stream is the right platform to “spark a love for learning and a passion for exploration.”

So, look up to the activation steps mentioned above and accomplish the process with grace at

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