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The Animal Planet channel was launched on 1st October 1996 and has been airing documentaries and series since then. As of January 2016, the TV Everywhere app was available to more than 91 million American households. If you wish to join the large community, navigate to to activate the channel on various digital media players, smart devices, and smart TVs.

Animal Planet is yet another popular pay-TV channel from Discovery, Inc. Just like its sister channels that are devoted to certain areas like food, science, travel, etc. the Animal Planet network is dedicated to domestic pets and wild animals. Accessing the reality programs on your TV is easy.

People who enjoy Discovery, Inc.’s popular channels, such as Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel, and Tennis Channel must have adequate knowledge about activating the channels. Likewise, the Animal Planet channel can be activated using the same steps. All you have to do is to acquire the code and use it carefully as instructed.

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What is and How to Use it?

Not acquainted with No issues! Let me tell you that the link in question is the ultimate destination that you will have to access on a device (computer, PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet) to enter the Animal Planet activation code (given by your participating TV provider). Only after entering the registration code correctly, you can not only get the Animal Planet schedule but also enjoy all its exciting Animal Planet shows like Walking with Elephants, Big Cat Tales, Beast-Kept Secrets, Mega Zoo, Yellowstone Journals, Lone Star Law, and more.

What is Animal Planet GO and How to Use it?

It is the Animal Planet TV Everywhere App that allows you to watch all your favorite shows and full episodes on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, iPhone, and XBOX only after successful activation. You can download and activate the Animal Planet GO app from the application store of your device. Access the authorized link to activate the channel to enjoy the best shows.

Below, you will know the complete guide to activate the channel at activate on your preferred smart device. Let’s get started! – How Do I Activate Animal Planet on Roku?

For an enhanced viewing experience, getting Animal Planet Go on Roku is the best thing that you can do. Before you follow the Roku activation steps, make sure the device is connected to a stable Internet connection.

  • From the Roku home screen, access “Roku Channel Store”, you need to search for the app.
  • You will find the app and click on the “Add channel” button.

Animal Planet Go on Roku

  • Now, return to the home screen and launch the app.
  • As the app starts to open, it may prompt you to sign in. Provide the log-in details given by your TV provider.
  • You will receive a pairing code. Take note of the code and access the animalplanet/activate link on a different device.
  • Here, you will enter the code and click on the “Activate” button to finish.

Your Roku home page will refresh. It will be ready to use within moments.

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How Do You Activate Animal Planet on Firestick/ Fire TV using code?

Got a Fire TV or Firestick? You can refer to the steps mentioned below to activate the Animal Planet GO app to start watching Animal Planet shows with your family.

  • Turn on the device and install the “Animal Planet GO Channel” from the Amazon Appstore.
  • Launch the app and copy an Activation Code on the TV screen.
  • Next, you will have to navigate to com/activate to render the received code.
  • After entering the activation code, click on the “ACTIVATE” button to finish.

There you go! You can now continue accessing popular programs on your big TV screen.

Tips to Getting Animal Planet Go on Apple TV (

The potential Apple TV users will never settle down for anything less as well. They can watch their favorite shows like Little Giants, Animal Planet Heroes, Vet Gone Wild, etc. by following the steps furnished below.

From the home screen of Apple TV, navigate to the “App Store”.

  • Search for the app using the virtual keyboard.
  • Find the Animal Planet GO channel and press the “Get” button to complete installing the app.
  • Now, tap on the app to open it.
  • Note down the com activation code. (If prompted, provide the sign-in details given by your TV provider.)
  • Access the official activation page and enter the code.
  • Click on the “ACTIVATE” button to complete the process.

A success message should turn on the screen and your TV screen should refresh. This means your device is ready to serve you amazing shows.

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The process to get the Animal Planet GO app on XBOX is simple. You will need to follow a few simple steps before you could start watching your favorite shows.

  • Go to the XBOX Channel store to search for the Animal Planet app.
  • Type the name of the app and click on the “Get” button to get it on the device. on XBOX

  • Next, you will need to launch
  • After launching the app, a unique registration code will appear on the screen. Provide the login details if prompted.
  • Save the code before launch the com/activate page on a computer or tablet.
  • Now, you must remit the activation code in the desired field.
  • Press the “ACTIVATE” button.

The device will be ready within moments. You can watch the Animal Planet shows.

How to Add Animal Planet App to a Samsung Smart TV?

You will have to take a sneak peek into the following steps if you want to add the Animal Planet app to your Samsung Smart TV and later activate it at

  • From your remote, press the Smart Hub button.
  • Now, select “Apps”.
  • Select the magnifying glass icon to search for the Animal Planet GO app.
  • You can type the name of the app and select “Done”.
  • The search result will bring you the Animal Planet app on the screen. Select the “Download the App” button.
  • After downloading, the app will be ready to be launched.
  • Click on the “Open” button to get an Activation Code. (Enter the sign-in details if prompted.)
  • Visit the com/activate link to enter the code in the right field.
  • Click on the “Activate” button to finish downloading and activating the app.

What are you waiting for? Your smart TV is ready to play your favorite series and movies.

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Guide to Watch Animal Planet Shows on Android & iPhone

Just like you install and use any other application, the Animal Planet GO app requires you to follow a similar procedure.

  • On your mobile phone (Android or iOS), you need to tap on the “Play Store” or “App Store”.
  • Type the name of the app and click on the “Install” button.
  • This will add Animal Planet GO to the smartphone.
  • Tap on the app and enter the sign-in details.
  • You should be now all set to watch Animal Planet from anywhere. – FAQs

Q: Should I need a TV provider to watch Animal Planet episodes?

A: An active subscription from a participating TV provider is a must if you want to watch the greatest episodes of Animal Planet.

Q: Can I watch Animal Planet on Netflix or Hulu?

A: Yes, you can watch. But you will only have limited content access.

Q: How can I watch Animal Planet without cable for FREE?

A: When you access the Animal Planet shows, documentaries, etc. via Roku or other platforms, you are accessing through participating TV providers.  You are not paying Animal Planet directly. Instead, you are subscribing to AT&T NOW, Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, Philo, YouTube TV, etc.

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