How to Get Hopper 3 For Free

This guide will explain how to get Hopper 3 for free. Read for details!

How to get Hopper 3 for free

The Hopper 3 is the most powerful DVR ever. It solved television’s major problems like watching multiple shows during prime time, recording conflicts, and catching all the big games at the same time. The Hopper 3 has created a buzz about what the audience wants from their TV experience. You have a powerful gadget in the form of one small box with amazing features like seamless integration of your favorite streaming apps, enough space for the whole family to record their movies and TV episodes, and the ability to view from anywhere.

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Notable Features of Hopper 3

  • At any given moment, up to 16 programs can be recorded.
  • HD programming for nearly 500 hours can be stored.
  • Be able to watch four channels on a single TV simultaneously.
  • It offers a ‘find your remote’ feature.
  • Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora are all built-in streaming apps.
  • Without switching devices, you can effortlessly find a show or a movie.
  • On-the-go viewing of live and recorded television is possible.
  • Smart gadgets with an internet connection can be used.
  • Primetime shows are automatically recorded.
  • Commercials from Autohop are being replayed.
  • Designed to be more user-friendly.

How to Get Hopper 3 for Free?

Normally, Hopper 3 is not free, but if you are an existing subscriber or if Dish has qualified you as a new user, you can obtain it with no upfront expenses. Even with this, you will need to pay the DVR fee of about $10 to $15 monthly to become eligible to record up to 2TB content. Now, one may wonder if Hopper 3 for free.

Now, this 2TB space makes for around five hundred hours of HD programming data. This space comes with an addition of sixteen tuners. Furthermore, keep in mind that each of the joeys (TV receivers that connect to the Hopper DVR and let you watch the same guide and all of your DVR recordings from any room in your house) will cost roughly $7 per month.

This makes it pretty clear Hopper 3 cannot be obtained for free, except the fact that there will be no upfront cost only if Dish qualifies you as a special case like the ones mentioned above.

There is one more trick which some of the Dish users are using to get the Hopper 3 for free. For this, the users contact Dish customer care and tell them that they are facing problems relating to the functionality and performance of the services.

But this can be tricky as you must not reveal your identity to the customer care executive as he can make out what you are up to.

If you are lucky to get through the executive, he might waive off the Hopper 3 fee but still, you will have to pay for the installation fee. All this will majorly depend on your previous payments and not the customer care executive.

It is very difficult to figure out -how to get Hopper 3 for free as there is a one in a million chance that Dish will waive off the Hopper 3 fee as this will affect the company’s profitability. So to speak honestly, you can try your luck if you want but the answer to the question “is Hopper free” is ‘no’.

Now, there are additional shipping charges to the actual price of Hopper 3 that starts from $300. There is a chance that you are amongst the few qualified existing customers and some lucky new ones may get Hopper for free and with zero upfront charges.

But, even then, the DVR and Joey fee, as already mentioned earlier, is to be paid by everyone.

Moreover, if you want to purchase Super Joey then the cost will increase from $7 to $10 monthly. It is a common thought that Hopper 3 is quite expensive but if you opt for the correct Dish Network plan, then everything will become affordable and there will be no reason to think is Hopper free.

If you are thinking about whether Hopper 3 is worth your time and investment, then the most powerful DVR is definitely worth all the hard-earned money you will be putting into it.

The Dish Hopper 3 is a powerhouse when compared to DVR options from rival satellite and cable television providers. If all the features of Hopper 3 are taken into account then it will not feel like an unnecessary expense.

For new customers who sign up for one of the Dish TV packages for only $5 per month, the Hopper 3 is included. Additionally, for $15 per month, you can add another Hopper 3 to the same Dish for an additional television.

Also, there is an option for buying the Hopper 3 straight at the cost of $389.99. The storage capacity of Hopper 3 is much more than any other current market DVRs. It is nearly unlimited at 2 TB. External drives can be used to expand the capacity beyond the USB 2.0 connector, giving you an additional 7 TB for your movies and shows.

Hopper 3 has high video resolution, supporting 1080p or 4K material at 60 frames per second and in 10-bit color. There are numerous ports – HDMI, component, and composite – making it compatible with a wide range of home entertainment configurations.

Alexa and Google Assistant devices can be used with the Hopper 3. To change channels, check for a favorite actor, or inquire about the weather, you can utilize the Amazon Alexa bot or Google Assistant.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned features, there is no need to ponder “how to get Hopper 3 for free” as it is the best bet in terms of DVRs available in the market. Just go for Hopper 3 and with it, you will get all the excellent features any DVR could have throughout your house. There is no doubt that your TV is at its best performance with the Hopper 3. So, without hesitation, go ahead and buy it.

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