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Since the services of Locast and Aereo have been shut down (due to legal issues), many local viewers are on the lookout for a perfect platform to watch their favorite local channels. LocalBTV sneaks in mind for it only carries “local channels that permit them to do so.” LocalBTV is an internet TV service that brings local TV stations via streaming. To view your favorite local channels on the supported devices, you must activate localbtv via

Activation Guide: www kanopy com tv

What Is LocalBTV?

As streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu keep their target viewers wholly engrossed with their engaging content, most people like you don’t want to miss out on local TV programming. If you show tremendous interest in viewing local news, sports, shows, and more, LocalBTV leaves no stone unturned to help you stay connected to the community by getting local stations.

Owned by Didja, the internet TV service works directly with networks and station owners to avoid legal issues. If you reside in one of LocalBTV’s available markets (21 US markets), you can enjoy streaming local TV stations right on your connected TV, laptop, or smartphone.

The streaming process is quite simple. You only have to get the LocalBTV app on your preferred device, access the activation URL, and enter the activate LocalBTV com code.

Once activated, you can launch the app, select a program, and start enjoying. To change channels, you need to use your TV remote.

Are you all set to enjoy local channels in your living room or on the go? Just install the app on your device and explore the channel guide. It further has a DVR with 1 TB of storage and two weeks of program information.

LocalBTV Features

You don’t have to replace your device or seek other services to watch local TV channels. The LocalBTV app will bring you an amazing experience of local TV streaming. Here are some of the salient features of LocalBTV that you might look for.

  • Guide: Want to see what’s available now on LocalBTV? Use the Guide feature on the remote and swipe left, right, up, or down to access programs up to two weeks into the future.
  • Customized Channel List: If you are interested in one particular event or program, why not customize the channel list? This will help you save time and effort.
  • Recordings: Another excellent feature – “Recordings” will help you record your favorite shows to your cloud DVR to watch them later. You can store up to 1 TB (300 hours of programming).
  • Channel Surfing: Flipping between local broadcast channels is easier than before. The channel surfing feature will allow you to switch the video in the middle of a show.
  • Closed Captions: Closed captioning is a key feature these days.
  • Chromecast or AirPlay: When you want to enjoy the show on the biggest screen in your home, use Chromecast or AirPlay to cast the screen from your device.
  • Pause, Rewind, and Fast-Forward: Use the remote to easily pause, fast-forward, or rewind your favorite LocalBTV shows.

Is LocalBTV Free?

Yes, you will continue to stream local news and entertainment in varied languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and more) on your TV-connected device for free.

Make sure you have an account with LocalBTV.

Note: LocalBTV is only available in select US TV markets.

What Do You Need to Activate

You will need more things than just the fastest internet in your area. Check the prerequisites below and possess all of them for a smooth streaming experience.

  • A super-fast internet connection.
  • A supported device.
  • Another device to access
  • You should be in the area where LocalBTV is available.
  • An account with LocalBTV.

Supported Devices

The LocalBTV app is available on the following supported devices.

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV

Apart from the above streaming media players, you can cast your screen on your TV via Chromecast or AirPlay.

Other compatible devices that you can use to watch local television stations are iOS, Android, and Laptop (Web browser).

How to Create a LocaBTV Account?

Already have an account with LocalBTV? You can use the sign-in credentials to start viewing.

Check the steps below if you want to register for a LocalBTV profile.

  • Go to and click the Download/ Sign Up
  • You are on a new page. Here, you need to click the Sign Up or Watch Now
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, enter the required details – Email and Password, and click the Create Account button.

Save the details for future use!

Where Is LocalBTV Available?

The LocalBTV app brings you free local broadcast TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, smartphone, and tablet if you live in the following select TV markets.

  1. Bakersfield
  2. Atlanta
  3. Chicago
  4. Biloxi
  5. Fresno
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Indianapolis
  8. Houston
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Las Vegas
  11. Monterey
  12. Louisville
  13. New York City
  14. Nashville
  15. Philadelphia
  16. Palm Beach
  17. Reno
  18. Phoenix
  19. San Francisco
  20. San Diego
  21. Toledo

You can go to the activate page and enter the ZIP code to check availability.

How to Activate LocalBTV via

Activate LocalBTV

At present, the service is available on all the supported devices in the markets mentioned above.

Activate Roku

Ensure that you use an upgraded Roku model to install and activate the LocalBTV app.

  • Power on your Roku device and press the Home icon on the remote.
  • You will then access the home screen.
  • Scroll down and access the Streaming Channels
  • Select the Search Channels option and click the Search
  • Type LocalBTV and wait for the search results.
  • You will now see the app on the screen. Click the Add channel
  • Click the Go to Channels button to access the newest app, i.e., LocalBTV.
  • Launch the app to receive a 6-digit activate localbtv com code.
  • The next step demands you to access the page on your computer or smartphone.
  • Enter the sign-in details, or you can use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account to Sign In.
  • Once you are signed in, you are ready to use the code displayed on the TV screen.
  • After entering the code, click the Submit button.

It will take a few seconds before you are ready to watch LocalBTV on your Roku device.

How to Activate LocalBTV on Amazon Fire TV?

The most straightforward steps to activate LocalBTV on your Fire TV are below.

  • Go to the Amazon App Store from the home screen of your Fire TV.
  • Type LocalBTV in the search bar and click the Get button once the app appears on the screen.
  • Install the app and start it on your TV device to get an Activation Code.
  • Open your mobile or computer browser and go to
  • If you aren’t, log into your account and enter the code in the desired field.
  • You will now click the Submit button to complete the process.

Your Fire TV should be ready to stream local television stations within seconds.

Watch LocalBTV on Apple TV

Go to the App Store on your device to install the LocalBTV app.

  • Open the app to receive a 6-digit code.
  • Leave the screen visible as you go ahead with the remaining steps.
  • Grab your phone and ensure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.
  • Visit the activate localbtv com link and provide the log-in credentials.
  • Click the Sign In button and enter the code.
  • You will need to click the Submit button to start enjoying comedies, mystery, action, news, music, and more.

Happy streaming!

Add & Activate LocalBTV on Android TV via

If you own an Android TV, here’s how to activate and watch LocalBTV.

  • Navigate to the home screen of your Android TV.
  • Use the remote to go to the Play Store and search for LocalBTV.
  • Click the Install button to get the app on your device.
  • Open the app and jot down a code.
  • Go to and sign in to your account.
  • Enter the code in the right field and click Submit.

It will take less than a minute to start streaming LocalBTV on your device.

How to Watch LocalBTV Channels on iOS, Android, and Laptop?

Use your iOS or Android device to watch local TV programming if you are on the go. Install the app from the App Store or Play Store. Once it is installed, launch the app to watch your favorite TV stations. Errors and How to Fix

Common errors like a poor internet connection, incompatible devices, activation code expiration, and unsupported browsers may hinder your streaming experience.

You can fix those errors by checking the connectivity, repeating the activation process, regenerating the code, and using a supported browser. Also, check that you try to access the service where it is available. 


How do I activate my Roku for free?

Getting the LocalBTV app on your Roku is easier than you think. Go to the Roku Channel Store to install it. Open the app to receive a 6-digit code and use it on the page.

How much does LocalBTV cost?

It is a free streaming service. You should possess a compatible device to enjoy uninterrupted service.

Where is LocalBTV?

LocalBTV is currently available in 21 US markets, including Bay Area BTV, Phoenix BTV, SocalBTV, San Diego BTV, NYC BTV, Philly BTV, Indy BTV, Las Vegas BTV, Atlanta BTV, and more.

Is LocalBTV legal?

Yes. LocalBTV only carries local channels with permission, thus avoiding legal issues.


Have you already installed the LocalBTV app on your device and activated it via

That’s great! You can enjoy sub-channels such as getTV, Cozi TV, Buzzr, and Antenna TV. You can record your favorite shows and watch them when you have time. Although the service is free, you can go for an optional paid version when you want.