How to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku (Step-by-Step Guide)

Will I be wrong if I say that you are looking for various ways to keep your kids busy so that you can concentrate on your work? I guess not! I have several corporate friends (mostly, young parents) who always complain that their kids don’t allow them to do anything else (particularly, in this pandemic). If you, too, are in quest of ways to keep the young children engaged, why not bring them something that they could learn from? I would preferably recommend activating YouTube Kids on Roku.

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We all know how potential YouTube is. A subsidiary of Google, YouTube is the ultimate entertainment hub for some people. Others use the platform to learn things. And, for kids? Well, this is one of the best platforms available today to learn things and stay entertained. YouTube Kids has been designed for kids. This version of YouTube features ad-supported and curated content (TV shows, educational videos, music, animation, cartoon, art & craft, and user-created content). YouTube Kids offers knowledge-based and fun-filled content.

Above all, YouTube Kids is a safe place for your little champ. Today, kids are super-intelligent. They love technology. In this connection, YouTube Kids can be a great platform to let them explore whatever they want. And if you have a Roku device, you can certainly watch YouTube Kids on Roku. In this post, I’m going to talk about the easiest ways to watch the YouTube Kids channel on your TV via Roku.

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Tips and Tricks to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku

Why should adults have all the fun? Your little ones can engross themselves in knowledge-based and fun-filled content. To have a better viewing experience, Roku seems to be the most amazing platform. However, you cannot directly add the YouTube Kids app on your Roku device. The channel is not available on the Roku Channel Store. But, there are ways to do it. One of the trusted methods to watch YouTube Kids on Roku is via screen mirroring or casting. For that, you need to have a smartphone and a high-speed Internet connection.

Watch YouTube Kids on Roku through iPhone

iPhone users will find it easier to watch YouTube Kids content as Roku has updated with Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. This allows you to watch YouTube Kids on TV in a hassle-free way.

On Roku –

  • Start the process by turning on Roku. (Make sure it has high-speed Internet access)
  • Navigate to the home screen and from there, click “Settings”.
  • Select “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit” and turn on the AirPlay.
  • Then, in “Require Code”, tap “First Time Only”.

On iPhone –

  • Access your iPhone and make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your Roku device is connected to.
  • You will have to install the concerned app from the App Store.
  • Navigate to “Screen Mirroring” (by swiping down the Control Center).
  • Here, you will come across the available devices. If you see your Roku TV listed, select it.
  • This will generate a unique code on the TV screen. Note down the code and enter the same on your phone to connect it.
  • Tap on the YouTube Kids app to open it and start watching the best kids’ shows on your Roku player.

Easy steps, right?

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Screen Mirroring through Android Smartphone

If you have an Android phone and both your smartphone and Roku are connected to the same home Wi-Fi network, I urge you to check the following screen mirroring steps to watch the amazing YouTube Kids content.

  • Unlock your Android device and get the YouTube Kids app from the Google Play Store.
  • Create an account if you don’t have one. Log into your YouTube Kids account and navigate to the “Notification” tab.
  • If you see the “Screen Cast” option, click on that.
  • You will now have to select “Enable Wireless Display”.
  • Here, select the Roku TV and connect to it.
  • Your Roku TV is now ready to cast the YouTube Kids videos.

Aren’t they super-easy tricks to watch YouTube Kids on Roku and keep your little ones busy while you gear up to submit your presentation without messing with the deadline? The best part is (apart from enjoying the educational content) that YouTube Kids has effective Parental controls for blocking certain channels, turning off the search, limiting daily usage, and more. You may also like to track history. Or, simply create multiple profiles for providing selected videos for each kid.

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