How to Activate Movies Anywhere App on Roku, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Fire TV activate

It is the weekend! And I believe you must be looking forward to various ways to .relax by watching your favorite movies in the cozy living area. If you have got media players and smart TVs like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, or Fire TV, this is a must-read post for you. Let me walk you through the Movies Anywhere activation guide at moviesanywhere com activate.

What Is Movies Anywhere?

Movies Anywhere is an OTT (over-the-top) platform owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. Popularly known as MA, Movies Anywhere was originally launched as Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) in 2014 (25 February). It is a cloud-based digital locker that allows people to watch their favorite movies in one place, under one roof.

I understand that it is a challenge as well as a tedious task to move here and there and switch back and forth from one digital retailer to another to watch your favorite movies. When you purchase movies from different platforms, it is advised to get your digital retail accounts synced so that you can create your collection of the best films. Movies Anywhere ensures that you get access to all your favorite movies in one place.

What is

To avail of all your most-loved films (from different digital retailers) in one place, you must activate Movies Anywhere. This is done at the official website During the activation process, you will receive an Activation Code. This has to be entered on the movies anywhere com activate page.

moviesanywhere com activate

Got a Roku device? You need to access the moviesanywhere com activate Roku link to activate Movies Anywhere to watch movies of all genres, including Family, Thriller, Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Fantasy, Adventure, and Musical.

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How to Create Movies Anywhere Account (Sign up and Sign In)?

Are you a resident of the United States of America?

Are you above 13 years?

These are the two eligibility criteria that one must meet to create a Movies Anywhere account. Let’s take a look at the complete procedure to come up with a MA account.

  • Visit the Movies Anywhere website –
  • Click on the “Join Now – Free” (in the center of the homepage) or “Join Now” (on the top right corner of the homepage) option.

How to create Movies Anywhere account

  • On this page, you will be prompted to create an account either using the options “Continue with Google” and “Continue with Apple” or “Continue with Email”.
  • It is easy to create an account by selecting Google or Apple accounts. Click on the “Continue with Google” option, select your account, and complete creating an account with Movies Anywhere.

Or, click on the “Continue with Apple” option, select your account, and complete creating an account with Movies Anywhere.

  • If you choose “Continue with Email”, provide details like “Email”, “Confirm Email”, “First Name”, and “Password”.
  • Click on the checkboxes “I authorize…” and “I acknowledge I have read and agree to the Movies Anywhere Terms of Use and Movies Anywhere Privacy Policy.
  • Click on the “I Agree” button.

You have just created a Movies Anywhere account.

How to Sign in to Movies Anywhere Account?

  • Go to Movies Anywhere official website.
  • Click on the “Log In” button.
  • Provide your “Email” and “Password”.
  • Click on “I’m not a robot”.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • That’s it!

If you have created your MA account using your Google or Apple account, select the right button.

moviesanywhere com activate Sign In

Compatible Devices to Activate Movies Anywhere

The only way to access great movies from your Movies Anywhere library is to activate the MA app on your smart TV or media player. Here’s a list of supported devices that allow you to enjoy movies with your friends and family.

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • LG TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Vizio SmartCast TV – Steps to Activate Movies Anywhere on Smart TV or Media Players

Until all your favorite movies are in one place, you cannot call them a collection. Let me help you create your collection through the following steps.

  • Download the Movies Anywhere app on your smart device from the App Store or Channel Store.
  • Launch it and provide the sign-in details if prompted.
  • Select “Get Code” under “Choose a Sign-In Method”.
  • Receive an Activation Code and visit com/activate.
  • Enter into your Movies Anywhere account by providing the username and password.
  • Here, you will enter the activation code and click on the “Activate” option.
  • You are all set to browse the “My Movies” collection on your device.
  • Go ahead and enjoy your movies.

What are you waiting for? Join Movies Anywhere now and enjoy your favorite movies with family and friends when you want, where you want.

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How to Add & Activate Movies Anywhere App on Roku

Want to watch Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Star Wars: A New Hope, or Avengers: Endgame? You can watch them all on your TV screen via Roku. Because right now is a good time to create your collection.

  • Begin the activation process by switching on your Roku device.
  • Scroll up or down on the remote to access Roku Channel Store and look for your desired app.
  • Click on the “+Add Channel” button.

moviesanywhere com activate on roku

  • Download the Movies Anywhere app on your Roku.
  • Launch the app and enter the sign-in credentials (if prompted).
  • Click on the “Get Code” option under “Choose a Sign-In Method”.
  • This will bring you an Activation Code.
  • Visit on another device – preferably a computer or mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Enter sign-in details and access your Movies Anywhere account.
  • Enter the activation code and click on the “Activate” option.
  • Browse the “My Movies” collection to start enjoying your movies.

Your Roku device should be ready to bring you all the actions on the big-flat TV screen.

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Easy Guide to Activate Movies Anywhere on Apple TV

Movies Anywhere on Apple TV
Movies Anywhere on Apple TV

Refer to the following steps to activate Movies Anywhere on your Apple TV.

  • From the home screen of your Apple TV, navigate to “App Store”.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon and type the name of the Movies Anywhere app.
  • Once you find Movies Anywhere on the App Store, click on the “Get” button to install the MA app.
  • The app should be ready to be launched. Click on it and select “Sign In”.
  • It will get you a unique activation code. Note down the code and visit activate on another device.
  • If prompted, sign in to your MA account.
  • Enter the received code and click on the “ACTIVATE” button to finish the process.

Your Apple TV will refresh and be ready to get you the best movies of your choice.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Watch Movies Anywhere on Fire TV (moviesanywhere com activate)

Movies Anywhere on Fire TV
Movies Anywhere on Fire TV

If you own an Amazon Fire TV, check out the steps below to add & activate the app via the authorized link. Make sure your device is compatible with MA.

  • Switch on the device and access the “Amazon Appstore.
  • Get the Movies Anywhere app by clicking the “Get” button.
  • Launch the app and provide the sign-in details.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button to receive a code.
  • This code is important to complete the activation process. So, copy it carefully.
  • Open your computer and launch your favorite web browser to access the activation page.
  • If prompted, sign in to your MA account.
  • Enter the received code and click on the “ACTIVATE” button to finish the process.

You should now be ready to watch your favorite Hollywood flicks on the big screen.

Quick Guide to Stream Movies Anywhere on Android TV

Install Movies Anywhere on Android TV
Install Movies Anywhere on Android TV

This amazing smart TV from Google promises to give you a next-level viewing experience. Since you love movies, here’s how you will be able to watch Movies Anywhere on Android TV.

  • Turn on the device and go to the home screen menu.
  • From there, go to the “Play Store”.
  • Click the “Install” button to get the MoviesAnywhere app on your Android TV.
  • Launch it and click the “Sign In” option to receive a moviesanywhere com activate code.
  • Leave the screen visible for the remaining process.
  • On a separate device (on the same network as your Android TV), access the activation page. (Clear the cookies and cache files of your browser if possible.)
  • Enter “Email Address” and “Password” of your Movies Anywhere account.
  • Check the “I’m not a robot” box and click “CONTINUE”.
  • Now, you will need to enter the code and click the “Activate” button.

This marks the end of the activation process.

How to Watch Movies Anywhere on Smart TVs

Smart TV owners will find the following steps pretty useful.

  • Navigate to the application store on your smart TV.
  • Search for the MA app using the virtual keyboard.
  • Install the app and launch it immediately (if you wish to activate the Movies Anywhere app).
  • Provide the sign-in details to receive a code.
  • Now, go to (official activation page) and enter “Email Address” and “Password”.
  • Click the “Continue” button after verifying that you are not a robot.
  • Stick to the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.


What is Screen Pass?

If you have a friend who is also a movie lover, you can make the most out of this feature by sharing it with the person. With the Movies Anywhere’s Screen Pass feature, the person with whom you want to share the screen pass can get access to a Screen Pass-eligible movie for a certain time. There will be no extra cost to it.

How will you know that you are eligible to send a Screen Pass?

To be eligible to send a pass to your friend, you must either redeem a non-promotional digital code or purchase a Movies Anywhere-eligible movie from a participating Digital Retailer.

Can I trust Movies Anywhere?

Yes, you can! It is the ultimate platform to bring your favorite movies in one place.

Why can’t I find all my movies on Movies Anywhere?

To access all your movies, you must follow the activation steps correctly. And if the movie is available in MA, you will surely be able to watch it. However, here are a few movies not available on Movies Anywhere – A Quiet Place, A Most Violent Year, A Ghost Story, A Bad Moms Christmas, and A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.

Can I transfer movies from MA to iTunes?

Have you already linked or connected a Digital Retailer account to iTunes? If yes, you will see all your purchased movies in your iTunes library. 

Do I actually own movies that I purchase on iTunes?

Not really! You don’t own them. What you own is a license to watch the movies on iTunes as long as you want – until the content provider ends its deal with iTunes.