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“Can I watch my favorite Hollywood flicks (that, too, for free)?” If you ask, my answer is YES. Tubi is one of the few platforms that allow its users to watch content for free. It is available on dozens of devices. In this blog post, I will explain how to activate Tubi at

Activate Tubi TV
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Launched by Thomas Ahn Hicks and Farhad Massoudi in 2014 as a free service, Tubi has come a long way (boasting over 33 million monthly active users as of January 2021). As Tubi grew and more and more US residents started seeking the free service, the founders raised a whopping amount. Ultimately, Fox Corporation acquired Tubi in April 2020.

Today, Tubi is the most sought-after on-demand video streaming app available to millions of Americans for free. It boasts the largest repertoire of video content with more than 20,000 movies and TV shows; hence, claiming to be the best streaming technology that recommends the best content.

Is Tubi Free?

Is it really free? If yes, I doubt it is legal.”

You may have this question that comes naturally.

I get it. The thing is I have gone through the official Tubi website. It clearly states, “Tubi is a free (and legal) video streaming application. To keep our service free and legal, we include ads, which monetize the content that our partners, such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount, provide to us.”

So, you got the answer.

Pre-Activation Checklist (Activate Tubi)

Although you don’t need a subscription to watch Tubi, there are a few requirements you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Make sure your TV-connected device is compatible with the Tubi app.
  • Update your streaming device.
  • Use a stable and high-speed Wi-Fi network.
  • Keep a separate device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Sign-in details with your Tubi account.

Supported Devices

You get to discover new content, completely free on all of your supported devices. Tubi is available on a wide range of devices, ranging from streaming devices, Smart TVs, mobile & tablets, and web & desktop.

Streaming Devices:

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • PS
  • Xbox
  • Chromecast
  • TiVo
  • Xfinity (Xfinity X1)
  • Cox (Cox Contour)

Smart TVs:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Vizio SmartCast

Mobile & Tablet:

  • iOS
  • Android

Web & Desktop:

  • The Web
  • Desktop or Laptop

When activated on one of these devices, Tubi allows you to stream premium quality video content from studios like MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, WB, and more.

How to Create a Free Tubi Account?

The competition is fierce in every field, and the streaming industry is no exception. Streaming apps like Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix add premium quality content at competitive prices. But, Tubi has grabbed a special place. The best part of Tubi is that the video-on-demand streaming service is available for free – and it is 100% legal. It offers a plethora of movies and TV shows of diverse genres, live TV, and originals “without you having to shell out for a monthly subscription.”  You will, however, need a Tubi account to access its vast library.

Here are the steps to create an account with Tubi.

  • Go to the Tubi sign-up page to register for an account.
  • You can register via Google or Facebook (with a few simple clicks). Or, you can register via Email.
  • If you choose the latter option, provide your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Confirm Password.
  • Click the Next button and stick to the instructions.

An email confirmation will land in your Inbox, meaning you have successfully created an account with Tubi.

Note: By registering with Tubi, you agree to the Company’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Activate Tubi TV to Watch Movies and Shows on Any Device
Image Source: Tubi

The best thing about this ad-supported streaming service by Fox Corporation is that it is always free and 100% legal. The streaming service is available on a myriad of streaming devices, smart TVs, and smartphones. This is probably one of the top reasons why most Americans can access FREE movies and shows on their digital media players. Get the app on your device and activate using the tubi tv activate code at the official tubi tv com activate page.

Let’s check out the steps below and activate your device to watch.

Activate Tubi TV on Roku

Here’s a step-by-step guide to activating Tubi TV on Roku by entering the activation code displayed on your TV.

  • Get the Tubi TV app from the Roku Channel Store. (Use the Roku remote to navigate to “Streaming Channels” > “Search Channels” > “Roku Channel Store”).
  • Click on the “Add channel” button. This will download the app on your Roku device. Roku

  • After downloading and installing, launch the app from the Roku home screen.
  • On your Roku remote, press the left directional key to get the left navigation column.
  • You will have to “Sign In” at the top of the column to receive an activation code.

Tubi TV Activate Roku Sign In

  • The paring or activation code will appear on your TV screen. Copy the code and stick to the on-screen prompts that appear on the screen.
  • Next, you will have to access on a separate device (second device). (Note: You must leave the code visible on your TV screen throughout the activation process.)
  • Enter the code and click on the “Activate” option.
  • The Roku home screen will update automatically, allowing you to start watching the best Tubi shows.

That’s how you activate the streaming app on your Roku device to browse the entertainment library and start streaming.

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How to Activate Tubi TV on Apple TV?

Look at the steps below to activate Tubi TV on your Apple TV and start watching your favorite lifestyle shows, docuseries, family movies, faith, and more.

  • Access the home screen of your Apple TV and use the remote to navigate to “App Store
  • Search for the Tubi TV app in the application section and click on the “Get” button to download the app on your Apple TV device.

tubi tv com activate on Apple TV

  • Launch the app to receive an Activation Code.
  • Save the code from the TV screen and visit on your phone.
  • Enter the code and click on the “Activate” option.

There you go! Your Apple TV is all set to bring you all the actions from Tubi.

How to Activate Tubi TV on Amazon Fire TV/ Fire Stick via

“Is Tubi available on Fire TV?” – You may ask. The official Tubi TV app is available on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick. Here’s how you can install and activate Tubi on your Amazon Fire TV device.

  • Switch on your Amazon Fire TV device.
  • Access the home screen and use the remote to scroll through the menu.
  • You will then select “Search” and enter the name of the app “Tubi”.
  • Find the Tubi app under “Apps & Games” and click on the “Get” button to download the app for free.

tubi tv com activate on Amazon Fire TV

  • Once the app is installed, you need to launch it to receive an Activation Code.
  • In the process, you may have to sign in to your Tubi account using the sign-in details – username and password.
  • Upon receiving the code from the TV screen, you will navigate to on a separate computer or mobile device.
  • As you try & access the official Tubi TV activation page, ensure that you leave the code visible on the TV screen throughout the process.
  • Enter the “Activation Code” in the right field and click on the “Activate” button.

Your Fire TV device should be ready to get you popular Tubi programs.

Activate Tubi Account on Samsung Smart TV via

As you gear up to activate your Tubi account on Samsung Smart TV, make sure you own a supported device. Let’s get started with the sign-in or activation process –

  • From the home screen of your Samsung Smart TV, access “Samsung App Store” or “Smart Hub” using the remote.
  • Locate the Tubi TV app in the “Videos” category. If you want, you can take the help of the virtual keyboard to type the name of the app in the search bar.
  • Click on the “Install” option and select “Add to Home”.
  • The app will be added to the home screen of your Samsung Smart TV. You will find Tubi at the bottom.
  • From here, the Tubi TV app activation process begins. You need to launch the app, head over to the left of the home screen.
  • You will see something like this (refer to the below picture).

tubi tv com activate on Samsung Smart TV sign in

  • Sign in using the credentials and you will receive a unique Activation Code.
  • The code needs to be saved before you could access the activation link
  • Enter the code and click on the “Activate” button.

Your Samsung Smart TV should refresh automatically. Next, you need to sign in to your Tubi account (if prompted) to start watching.

Where Is Tubi on My Sony Smart TV (

Before you jump over to the activation process, make sure you have a 2015 or higher Sony Smart TV model. Adding Tubi and activating the app on a Sony device doesn’t take much time. Once the activation process is successful, you can watch content from studios like MGM, Paramount, WB, and Lionsgate.

  • Switch on your Sony device compatible with Tubi.
  • Access the “Sony Featured Apps” from the home screen and look for Tubi.
  • Install the app on your device and return to the home screen.
  • Launch Tubi and provide the sign-in details to “Sign In”.
  • Select “Register or Link Account” to access the activation code. Make sure the code remains visible throughout the activation process.
  • Now, access the official activation link to enter the code.
  • If directed, you need to sign in. (This step is for users who haven’t signed in yet.)
  • Enter the code in the desired field and click on the “Activate” button.

Once activated, you can access Tubi Kids content and watch it with your kids.

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Enter Activation Code at to Activate Tubi on PlayStation

The official Tubi app is available in the “TV & Videos” category. Visit the “PlayStation Store” and search for the “Tubi” app under the “Apps” section.

  • Once you install the app, you need to open it.
  • It will prompt you to “Sign In”. Click “Register or Link Account” to receive a registration code, which is also known as an Activation Code.
  • Leave the code on the screen and launch a web browser on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Access and provide the code.
  • Click on the “Activate” button to finish the process.

You are all set to enjoy free shows and hit movies.

Also Read: FAQs

How is Tubi free?

The official website states that the service is 100% free and legal. All you have to do is to access the Tubi TV app and activate it on the authorized link tubitv com activate. The service is free because it is supported by ads.

How do I activate Tubi on my TV?

To activate your Tubi account on a smart TV, get the Tubi TV activation code first. Visit on a separate device, sign in, and enter the code. Your smart TV should be ready to cast movies at no cost.

What are the steps to watch Tubi on Samsung Smart TV?

You can add & activate the Tubi app on Samsung smart TV by using the following steps – • Install the Tubi app from Samsung Smart Hub. • You need to launch it and access the activation code. • On a separate device, access the link to complete the process.

What should I do if the Tubi TV activation code is not working?

Here are the troubleshooting tips.

Generate a New Code: The code has become inactive or invalid. You need to repeat the activation process to generate a new code. Enter the activate code at to start enjoying videos.

Uninstall & Reinstall Tubi App: Another way to fix the issue is to delete or uninstall the app and follow the same procedure to reinstall it.

• Update Device: Make sure your smart device or digital media player is updated. Go to the “Settings” to check for any updates.

• Use Compatible Browser: Are you using a compatible browser? Make sure it allows you to enter the Tubi app code.

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