What Is SoundCloud & How to Access it on Roku, Xbox One, Chromecast, Sonos, iOS

soundcloud com activate

In today’s post, you will learn the tips and tricks to stream SoundCloud on your favorite device without a hassle. The simple activation process will be carried out online at soundcloud.com/activate. Stay tuned!

How to Activate SoundCloud via soundcloud.com/activate?

SoundCloud is available on multiple devices, including Roku (through Musiclouds), Xbox One, Chromecast, Sonos, iOS, Android, and the web.

Also, you can get the SoundCloud app on other leading streaming devices like Apple TV and Fire TV using the screen mirroring method.

Below, I will explain the activation steps for different devices so that you never stop listening.

SoundCloud on Roku through Musiclouds

Musiclouds is the original free music player for Roku. With the latest version of the app on your Roku device, you can listen to free Indie music via SoundCloud.

You can add the Musiclouds app to your Roku-connected TV using the steps below.

  • Go to the Channel Store on your Roku device.
  • Search for the Musiclouds
  • Click the Add Channel button.
  • After adding the app, log into your Musiclouds account.
  • Access SoundCloud and start listening to your favorite music.

soundcloud.com/activate Xbox

You don’t have to install another app to stream SoundCloud on Xbox One. The game console supports the latest version of the music app, which you can install from the Windows Store on Xbox.

Here’s an easy guide to streaming SoundCloud on Xbox One.

  • Turn on your Xbox One device.
  • Navigate your way to Windows Store.
  • In the Search bar, type SoundCloud.
  • The SoundCloud app will appear on the screen.
  • Click the Get button to install the app.
  • Now, open it on your Xbox and take note of a unique soundcloud.com/activate code.
  • It will also prompt you to access the activation link on your phone or computer.
  • Enter your email address or profile URL (if you have a Sound Cloud account) in the prompted field.

soundcloud.com activate

  • Click Continue.
  • Enter the password and access the activation code field.
  • Type the code shown on the TV screen.
  • Click the Activate button.

Access the Sound Cloud library on your Xbox One and enjoy quick access to music, playlists, albums, and liked tracks.

How to Chromecast SoundCloud?

Chromecast lets you enjoy SoundCloud through your phone or tablet. Make sure your Chromecast device is connected to a sound system and uses a stable internet connection.

  • Install the SoundCloud app on your smartphone.
  • Launch the app and enter the sign-in details.
  • Play music on your device and get the Chromecast icon in the app.
  • Tap the icon to connect to SoundCloud.
  • Once connected, you are ready for a louder listening experience.

SoundCloud on Sonos

Discover new music and audio on Sonos.

Sonos is the ultimate wireless home sound system that fills your home with brilliant sound, room by room.

If you want to enjoy SoundCloud at home in HiFi sound, here’s a simple workaround.

  • First, you must get the Sonos (Controller) app on your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings > Menu.
  • Select Add Music Services.
  • From the list of music services, select SoundCloud.
  • You need to sign in with your SoundCloud account.

What are you waiting for? You can discover, listen to, and share new tracks from established and emerging artists.

Stream Sound Cloud on iOS

Keep the SoundCloud sign-in credentials handy if you want to enjoy music on iOS.

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Tap the Search feature.
  • Type SoundCloud.
  • Tap the Get button to install the app.
  • Launch it and provide the sign-in details – email address and password.
  • After signing in, you can start listening to SoundCloud.

SoundCloud on Android

I will encourage you to check the steps below if you use an Android device.

  • Install SoundCloud from the Play Store.
  • Launch the app and enter the log-in credentials.

You are ready to listen to Billie Elish, Believe Me, Internet Shooter, Final Fantasy, and more.