How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone
Today’s smart devices automatically connect to any Wi-Fi network once you have signed in. People nowadays have a short attention span, so they quickly forget Wi-Fi passwords. Present-day devices have inbuilt functionality to connect to the saved network when they are in range. If you cannot recall the password when you need to connect your new devices, it causes frustration. You cannot conveniently find your Wi-Fi password on iPhones without jailbreaking them. But some workarounds enable you to check the Wi-Fi password. Read to learn how to find WiFi password on iPhone.

If you haven’t jotted down or saved your Wi-Fi password somewhere, your current iPhone can help you find the password.

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How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone – 4 Ways

#1 Step: How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone with the Router Setting

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone: An app with the gear-shaped symbol available on every iPhone.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi now.
  • Tap “I” against your Wi-Fi network name: It’s a button with a small case letter encircled with blue colour.
  • Then press and hold the digits close to the router and copy: Copy the router’s IP address on the clipboard to paste them in the web browser in a further step.
  • On the next step, visit any web browser: Use any web browsers available on your iPhone.
  • Paste IP address in the search box and then hit the Enter button:To paste the item available on the clipboard, press and hold the search bar available at the browser’s top and then select the paste option.

Note: After pressing the Enter button, if the page appears with the message saying “Your Connection is Not Private,” press Advanced and then Proceed.

  • Enter router’s ID & Password and Press Sign-in: Consider using the router’s username and password you have received from your Internet Service Provider, or it might be printed on the router’s back or in the user manual. Your router’s Id and password must be different from the Wi-Fi username and password.

Note: The commonly used router’s username is “user”, or “admin”, or you can prefer leaving it blank and the most frequently used router’s password is “password” or “admin”, or “leave it empty”.

  • Click on wireless from the options provided: This option will appear on the menu bar on the left section of the page. Depending upon your ISP or router, the same button might have a different name. In some instances, you might need to click some extra buttons to access the router’s security settings, where you might find your Wi-Fi password.
  • Ultimately, the Wi-Fi password appears beneath the Wi-Fi network name: By following these steps mentioned above one by one, you will get your forgotten Wi-Fi password. From this page, you can even delete your Wi-Fi existing password and create a new one that is easy to remember.

#2 Step: Find iPhone Wi-Fi password using Mac

  • Visit the Settings app on your iPhone and click on the Apple Id available on top of your screen.
  • Afterwards, click on I-Cloud from the available options.
  • Subsequently, press Keychain and ensure it’s turned on. Clicking the radio button will turn on this feature.
  • On your mac screen, press the Apple symbol accessible on the top-left section.
  • After that, choose system preference.
  • Next, tap the Apple id and ensure that the I-cloud Keychain box remains checked.
  • Afterwards, select iCloud from the left side of the screen.
  • Next, open the finder window by pressing the half-blue and half-grey face icons available on your dock. Alternatively, you can open it by right-clicking on the desktop and later pressing the Command and N key from the keyboard.
  • Now, click Applications from the left section of the Finder window.
  • Next, access the utility folder, and press the Keychain access app.
  • Then, in the search bar available, input your Wi-Fi name and press Enter key, and then double click on your Wi-Fi network name to open a popup window.
  • After that, check the square-shaped box against the show password.
  • Now, enter the Keychain password you used to log into your Mac.
  • Eventually, you will get your Wi-Fi password.

#3 Step: Steps to find Wi-Fi password on Jailbroken iPhone

Jailbroken iPhones do not contain any software restrictions enforced by the manufacturer. Jailbreaking of devices allows its users to acquire full access to the operating system’s root. Jailbroken iPhones nullify the warranty from Apple and are generally illegal.

  • To begin with, start the Cydia app, search for the Wi-Fi Passwords app and click to install.
  • After its installation is complete, return to the Cydia app.
  • Now return to the Home screen, and launch the Wi-Fi password app. Here you’ll get all your Wi-Fi passwords, you have ever used on your I-phone.

#4 Step: View your iPhone Wi-Fi password using network-list (For Jailbroken iPhones)

  • Load and install, “Network-List” app from the Cydia app on the iPhone or Ipad.
  • Now tap on the Restart Springboard button, which will restart your home screen.
  • Open the Settings app now.
  • Next, select WLAN from the list of options of Known networks.
  • After tapping on it, you can see Find Network Key on your iPhone.


Don’t get worried and frustrated if you cannot recall the password of the wi-fi on your iPhone. Just choose any of the four ways mentioned above and follow its steps one by one to effortlessly find the forgotten password of your wi-fi. The other way is to use Tenoshare 4uKey directly – Password Manager to view and access passwords of wi-fi, e-mail, and app on your iPhone. The most commonly used and recommended way to find the wi-fi password of your iPhone is via the router settings.

I hope you now know how to find Wi-Fi password on iPhone.

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