An Ultimate Guide to Activate & Use Netflix on Mac Computer

Netflix on Mac

Netflix is becoming more and more popular, and its user database is growing exponentially despite heavily-priced packages. So, when Netflix is increasing its subscription every few months, let’s explore it to the fullest to make the most from the money you spend.

This article will help you in some way as we are explaining several Netflix tips, from setting up the app to signing out so that you can use it efficiently.

An Introduction to Netflix on Mac

On your Mac computer, you may use Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox to stream Netflix. You can browse for your favorite shows and movies on the page and select anyone to play it right away. 

The Search box available in the top-right corner of the menu bar will allow you to find the desired TV show, movie, song, or genre. To check for additional information, place your cursor on the movie poster or the show, and you can access the brief synopsis, year produced, and more. 

How to Setup Netflix on macOS? 

Visit to watch Netflix on the computer. Select Sign In and enter email and password credentials. You are now signed in to your account on Netflix and can continue watching content. If you are using Netflix on multiple browsers, you need to sign in separately using the same procedure on each browser. 

How to Watch Netflix in Full-Screen Mode?

Watch Netflix on Mac

When you are watching Netflix on a Mac computer, press the green button available on the left corner in the application window to go full screen. Alternatively, press the Command + Control + F keys altogether, and it will maximize the Netflix window, or click here to learn more about entering and exiting full screen on Mac.   

How to Sign Up for Netflix on macOS

Visit from the selected browser on a Mac computer. Hover over your profile name displayed in the upper right corner of the page, and select Sign out of Netflix. If you are signed in to Netflix on multiple browsers, you will need to repeat these steps on each browser to sign out of the Netflix account.

How to Unlock Hidden Categories?

Netflix boasts tens of thousands of categories, but users are only able to explore only a handful of content available in the catalog. If you need to dig deeper to see all the Netflix categories, you can browse the web as many websites out there are displaying number codes that you may use to find different genres from horror movies to comedy shows to thriller daily soaps.

How to Organize Content on Netflix?

The streaming app has much to offer to its users, but not everyone likes everything that the app recommends. You can sort the shows and movies as per your individual preferences to make it easier to scroll your way while looking for something. The app allows you to sort and organize the content alphabetically while giving you additional options.

Click on the four blocks like button displayed on the top right section of the Netflix window to switch settings from List to Grid view. The Grid view gives access to more TV shows and movies on a single screen. You may also select a preferred option from the Suggestions for You, Year Released, A-Z, or Z-A to sort content as per your preference.

How to Stream Videos in Ultra HD?

Watch Netflix in Ultra HD

The video resolution very much depends on the computer, browser, or the operating system you are viewing Netflix on. To view the video in Ultra HD, you must have a Mac integrated with an Apple T2 Security chip or Apple Processor.

In addition, make sure you have macOS Big Sur or a later version installed on your computer running the latest version of the Safari browser. Alternatively, you may also stream video in Ultra HD if you have an external monitor with 60Hz 4k resolution connected to your computer. 

Apart from that, you must have subscribed to the Netflix plan that supports Ultra HD streaming. Also, the streaming quality must be set to High or Auto. Make sure that you have an uninterrupted internet connection with at least 25 Mbps speed.

You can view Netflix in HDR on any Mac computer if you have macOS Catalina and an HDR-capable display. Make sure that the checkbox available with High Dynamic Range is selected under the Display tab in System Preferences.  

Mac computers support Netflix streaming in the following resolution on different browsers. 

  • 720p on Opera
  • 720p on Mozilla Firefox
  • 720p on Google Chrome
  • 4k on Safari (macOS 11.0 or later)
  • 1080p on Safari (macOS 10.11 to 10.15)

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts for Netflix

Leave the mouse by learning these easy keyboard shortcuts for a better Netflix experience.

  • M key toggles the Mute function
  • Shift + Left Arrow key rewinds the video 
  • PgUp plays and PgDn key pauses the video 
  • Shift + Right Arrow key fast-forwards the video
  • Spacebar or Enter keys Plays or Pauses the video
  • Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys adjust the volume

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